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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Highwood Week 3. Pain and pleasure. The psychology of volunteer work.

This morning was one of those mornings when the pleasure of the long hot shower, warm dry clothes, and cup of tea that come after the work, make all the rain, mud and cold almost worthwhile. There must be an element of masochism in the mental make-up of our volunteers.

Pretty dismal weather, rain, low cloud and chilly. The only thing it lacked was wind, so that made it just about bearable. Rain is always a problem for the digging volunteer though. Hardly anyone is going to waste good breathable outdoor gear on this kind of work, so that means that you get to choose between sweating inside your waterproofs, or getting wet from the rain. There is no correct answer. I tried both this morning.

Not surprisingly, fewer volunteers this week, I blame the weather, plus the nearness of christmas. Nevertheless the seven of us present probably planted around 200 trees, and part of that was planting Birch on a very steep and rocky slope so respect to the mountaineering section - Cath, Philip, Trevor and Brian. 

Fewer volunteers did mean more cake each (homemade Ginger). Brian had also brought a flask of Bushmills. Everyone appreciated it, even me, and I can't abide whiskey.

Everything I had on is covered in mud.  But I do now feel warm and comfy at home.

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