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Last winter we planted over 5000 trees!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bare rooted at Butterley

The folks on the hillside.
One of the tags from our TCV trees.
This week we began planting 450 trees that came to us courtesy of the TCV Big Tree Plant initiative. Unlike our usual supplies these came bare rooted, which caused some consternation. Bare rooted require a slightly different planting technique, and care has to be taken that the tree roots don't dry out. We were: myself, Stephen, Peter T, Geoff, Duncan (and Harvey the dog), Remy, Cath, Vashti, Jess, Andrew, Philip, and Ben. We think we planted around 200 trees, but it is harder to keep count of the bare rooted sort, as they come in big sacks, rather than in handy packs of 15. As a note for next week, we left 95 deer stakes, 120 deer guards, and around 45 hare stakes and guards on site.

Once again we could see the Senior Section on a far hillside, removing guards at Marsden Golf course.