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Saturday, 12 March 2016

2,4,6,8 Motorway

Today we were at Scammonden, almost within punk rock spitting distance of the M62. We were joined by the good folk of the Green Building Store, who sponsored today with 220 Sessile Oak, stakes and guards. We also planted 100 Downy Birch, which were a last minute donation from Stirley Community Farm.

CVTS folk were; myself, Geoff, Cath, Lesley and Robert, Jess, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, Duncan and Harvey the dog, Peter W., Peter T., Stephen O., Stephen K., Ben, Hap, Philip, Guy, Mandy, Machan, Dave, Brian, Ros and Steve. Plus as many Green Building Store people.

Cake was another new one, carrot and orange, again very successful.

Weather was mild and dry.

Are you all keeping up with the songs titles for post headlines?

And I nearly forgot to mention the lost baby rabbit we encountered. It was ushered back into the brambles to keep it away from the dogs.

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