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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Oh snow you don't! Formative pruning at Royd House Wood

Dear Simon
I thought I'd have a go at your blog in your absence - is this ok? Phillip was going to try and email me some photos but they might not materialise!
A change of plan this week due to the weather; the site we were meant to be planting at in Marsden was inaccessible because of the snow so we stayed closer to home and did some maintenance at Royd House Wood. We had a good turnout considering with Phillip, Guy, Neil, Duncan & Heidi. Royd House Wood is a site just down the road from the Nursery in Linthwaite planted some years ago by the society where we did a lot of thinning out last season; today we spent a gloriously sunny morning in a different part of the wood pruning oak trees plus a rather attractive avenue of lime trees. The wood did look quite Narnia-esque in the snow, but lopping off bits of trees did incur the occupational hazard of getting lots of white stuff down the back of your neck. Sadly due to the absence of Simon we were also bereft of Simon's Mum's cake, so we had to make do with a packet of chocolate hob nobs from my bag, circa. 2006.
Best Wishes


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