Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hey Laithe

It was very rainy early on. I wondered how many volunteers would turn out. There were five of us and we went to Hey Laithe at Marsden for the first time for a while.

The site was planted about 7 years ago, and is doing very well. We rebuilt a dry-stone wall to stop the sheep and lambs in the next field from getting in. The fencing arrangements got re-hashed. We need to buy more fencing staples.

We also removed stakes and guards from the trees, they are growing really well. One hundred and fifty stakes were taken back to the nursery to be reused.

There is a fantastic view from Hey Laithe both up and down the valley. On a day like today, with intermittent weather, it was both a test of waterproof clothing and an excellent day for taking photographs.


PS Geoff says "worth saying there was no cake but chocolate digestives were most welcome"

Saturday, 21 May 2011

What we do on our holidays

Just a note to say that this week we had a meeting with Kirklee's Environment Unit, and Philip spent many hours slaving over a grant application form for next season. Hopefully they will support further planting at Scammonden, some training, ongoing woodfuel project ideas, forest garden and first aid expenditure.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Removing guards at Marsden Golf course

Typical Colne Valley spring morning, ie not very. But several hardy souls did turn out to remove guards at Marsden Golf course. Well done Ben, Neil, Julia and Duncan. The rest of us had very good excuses I am sure.