Saturday, 24 November 2018

Everything must go

Dave and Adrian

Back to Scammonden for more guard removal, everything must go, as the title says.  Misty at the start but sun came out later. All the guards were coming off, though the ones that had been on Ash trees were left on site because we weren't sure whether it was appropriate to move them elsewhere because of the dread Ash dieback.

We were: myself, Philip, Dave, Tanya, Geoff, Steve, Stephen, Ben, Adam, Dianne plus 2 dogs, Harriet and Floyd the dog, Jess, Lee, Mel, John and Adrian. Cake was apple flapjack.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

You don't miss your water

Today we were up at Scammonden reservoir, which was empty! We were collecting stakes and guards for re-use, again. We were: myself, Dave, Philip, John, Steve, Stephen, Hap, Geoff, Ben, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, and Adam and sons and dog. Cake was ginger.

After, myself, Ben and Dave delivered 240 deer stakes and guards to the Standedge site.

On Friday the weekday crew delivered 440 deer stakes and guards to the Mount road site.

Wholestone already has its deer stakes and guards.

We are quite well set up for the Season ahead.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The weight

Floyd and Harriet

Back to Wholestone Moor to do more reclaiming and prep for planting.

We were: Dave, Geoff, Hap, Steve, Stephen, Jess, Lee, Ben, myself, Paul, Harriet and Floyd the dog, Cristina and Cath.

Big deal of the morning was carrying stuff on and off site. It was a long walk back to the cars, and Ben set an impossible standard by carrying two bundles of stakes at a time.

Planting will be in three compartments. Furthest compartment has 112 stakes and deer guards. Centre one has 215 deer guards and 246 stakes. Nearest compartment has 90 guards and 100 stakes.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Concrete dub

Geoff fresh from being dub dj, and Jess.
Today we were at Wholestone Moor, looking down on the M62, and wishing the wind would die down a bit. We were removing guards from previous planting, to re-use at this site.

We were: Geoff, Ben, Dave, Sue, Jess, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, Cath, Jason, Mel, myself, Hap and Adrian.

2 cakes, jam sponge from the President, and luxurious fruit cake from Jason, plus emergency jaffa cakes from Dianne, and grapes from Hap.

We left approx 300 guards and 200 stakes at the first collection point. And roughly half that number a tthe second, furthest, point. With a bit more scrounging around we will have enough to do this season's planting up there with reclaims. We will need to take 60 shrub guards up for the holly, and 60 of the new mesh pine guards.

Me pointing at pointy sticks.