Saturday, 28 January 2017

Soup song

The only photo. Myself and Geoff in the Sair afterwards.
Well, madness it was. We went high up above Marsden on the A62 and planted some trees and some hedging. In cold driving wind and rain. We were: myself, John, Hap, Stephen K., Susan, Geoff, Philip, Adrian, Robert, Jess, Ben and Solo the dog, Tracy and Maia.

Tracy and Maia provided us with tasty hot soup, and a buffet of cakes, all served up in a tiny greenhouse.

Despite this loveliness, the morning might be remembered as a bewildering slog in very adverse circumstances. Still, getting clean and warm again fixed it.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Cold, cold ground

Stephen, very small, or far away?

Definitely the coldest morning so far this season, frost, and a bitter breeze. Myself, Hap, Stephen and Tanya popped up to Scout and stuck in another 100+ hedge plants. Perminder had very kindly made lemon drizzle cake for us, and it was very nice indeed.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Breaking the (Pike) Law

I think that telegraph pole leans slightly
Today we were breaking ground at Pike Law, Golcar, beginning a very long hedge of Hawthorn, Dog Rose, Blackthorn and Rowan. We were: myself, Cath, Hap, Adrian, Neil, Steve, Stephen K., Dianne, Geoff, Philip, Lesley, Robert and Peter W. Cake was sponge with jam and buttercream.

We got 405 plants in the ground. A very good mornings work indeed.

And a song for Neil this week...

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Start choppin'

Jessica and colleagues.

Today we were at the nursery splitting and sawing wood for our wood fuel income stream.

We were joined by a dozen of Jessica's colleagues from Yorkshire Building Society, who get time off to do good works. And by gum they did good work.

Almost forgot to mention that Hap and Stephen were very busy all morning cutting logs up into splittable lengths with the chainsaw. And I was busy keeping an eye on the office workers with their axes and saws.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Concrete Dub

Geoff has created an audio piece using sounds and dialogue from or gathered for the Tree People video. Try listening with headphones, its immersive man.

See no evil

He takes a nice photo that Geoff. Today's hedging in foreground.

This week we were back at Scout, planting about 60 remaining trees in the lowest part of the field, and around 400 hedge plants along the bottom edge. This leaves around 300 assorted plants left to go in.

We were: myself, Adrian, Dave, Philip, Jess, Jonathan, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, Ben and Solo the dog, Hap, Cath, Steve, Stephen, Peter W. and Yogi.

Cake was banana and walnut, augmented by leftover Christmas Stollen brought by Hap, and the last of Dave's cream liqueur?

Can someone send me a photo, didn't have time to take any.

Did not see the neighbours today.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Party time (part 2)

A rare sighting of the lesser spotted Neil, sauntering up the hill.

This week we back at Scout, above Marsden, and planted another 350 or so trees and shrubs. Around 700 in total so far. Well done everyone! We continued the shelter belt down the length of the field to the very bottom. After planting we were invited to up to the house and were generously rewarded with cold beers and hot chilli. This was most excellent - spoilt we were.

We consisted of: Steve, Philip, Lee, Dave, Geoff, Duncan and Harvey the dog, Ben and Solo the dog, Dianne and Lizzie the Dog, Jess, Lee, Cath, Lesley, Robert, Peter W., Adrian, Ros, Hap, Yogi, Neil, and myself.

Back again next week for some hedging along the bottom of the field.