Saturday, 25 January 2020


Elliot hits rock bottom, and keeps going.

Back to finish off this mammoth hedgerow with 585 more hawthorn.

We were: myself, Geoff, Philip, Sophie, Remy, Dave, Stephen, Steve, Elliot, Nelson, Hannah, John, Jon and Tess, Cath, Richard, Jess, Dianne, Adrian, Hap, Alison, Paul, and Bob.

Some real work done this week, with tough grass to dig through, and then tough rocks underneath.

Cake was two variants of crunchy top coconut, one with cherries, and one with lemon?

Saturday, 18 January 2020

The sound of the crowd

Ben and Bob confer

A cast of thousands today, so I had better get all these names down before I forget.

We were: myself, Dave, Geoff, Philip, Steve, Remy, Alison, Dominic, Elliot, Adrian, Bob, Jon, John, Katie, Martin, Cath, Ben, Alastair, Jared, Jess, Lee, Dianne, Susan, Chris, and Hap.

In addition we had special guests from Sant Jagjit Singh Lopon, a Sikh organisation whose members are committed to charity and community work.

This mighty team managed to plant 885 trees and shrubs as a mixed hedgerow on the farm. This total consisted of: 15 bird cherry, 15 blackthorn, 30 dog rose, 45 elder, 15 field maple, 60 hazel, 15 holly, 15 hornbeam, 45 oak, 15 spindle, 15 whitebeam, and 600 hawthorn.

This leaves 810 hawthorn allocated for this site but not yet planted.

Cake was apple flapjack, and it all got eaten, as did all Hap's buttered panettone, all Dianne's jaffa cakes, and some random chocolates that did the rounds.

Break time

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Black Flag - Nervous breakdown

Who knew silage bales could be so photogenic?

This week we were at a farm overlooking Meltham Mills, beginning a long mixed hedgerow.

It was stupidly windy, which didn't help communications, and we were spread out across the site.

Nevertheless we got 390 plants in the ground easily, 15 beech, 15 bird cherry, 30 blackthorn, 60 dog rose, 45 elder, 15 field maple, 150 hazel, 15 holly, 15 oak, 15 spindle and 15 whitebeam. We need to return to fill in the gaps with about 700 Hawthorn. Then complete the next 150m or so, in a similar manner.

We were: Philip, Geoff, Dave, Adrian, myself, John, Jon, Hap, Tanya, Sophie, Jess, Dianne, Steve, Stephen, Ben, Alastair, Jared, Alison and Paul.

Cake was parkin.

Tea break time!

A tune for Philip this week.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Bag to black (sic)

Hap pulling up black plastic mulch mats.

A bit of weekday crew tidying up at Throstle. which we will now leave alone for a while.

We were: Adrian, Stephen, myself, Dave, John and Hap, and Geoff back at the nursery.

The fruits of several weeks labours.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Never going back again (?)



The final woodland management session for a while. At the nursery we were: Adrian, myself, Geoff, Remy, Dianne, Jess, and Lee.
In the woods were: Philip, Stephen, Susan, Peter, Hap, John, Dave, Cath and Ben.

Cake was a non-Christmassy jam sponge.