Saturday, 26 March 2011

To Netherwood with Slaithwaite Band!

Back to Netherwood farm this week, with special guests, members of Slaithwaite Band. We planted 105 Ash and Cherry in the field at the bottom of the clough, and 30 Birch by the track. Plus another 60 Oak and Rowan up in the fields behind the farmhouse. Tree Society regulars were myself, Ann, Heidi, Duncan, Trevor, Peter, Diane, Andrew, and newbie Peter, and two Scouts. Slaithwaite band members were too numerous to mention, but they all worked jolly hard. And all got a badge. Cake was ginger.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Netherwood beat-up

The happy workers relax.
After several weeks of hectic planting with large-ish groups, today was a pleasant potter around an obscure field. We planted 120 Sitka Spruce, Larch and Rowan in a field high above Marsden, and will be back there next week to plant another 200 trees with Slaithwaite Band. Our team today comprised myself, Ann, Philip, Andrew, Heidi, Geoff and Guy. A select but capable few. The sun shone, we ate fruit cake, and we gazed down on the valley and discussed the progress of the various planting sites we in the distance. All very convivial.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday morning finishing off

Too nice a morning to stay indoors, so went up to the Marsden site again and finished the staking and guarding. And put in another half a dozen trees where holes had already been dug. Beautiful up there. Good to see the owners have proudly displayed our Tree Society waymarkers.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pure pleasure planting

Duncan in the foreground, desolate moorland behind (needs more trees that).
It was agreed that this was the most pleasant morning's work in a while. We planted just over 200 trees in a small field just off the A62 way out west of Marsden. It didn't rain. And our convivial hosts provided us with tea and soup afterwards. Pure pleasure, and something of a relief after several rainy and stressful weeks. We were helped by a pair of Scouts, and Rose from Longwood Scouts - and I will stay in touch and hope to involve them in more work. Tree Society regulars were, myself, Ann, Philip, Neil, Julia, Ben, Andrew, Cath, Duncan and Dave. And we also had help from our hosts Tracy and family and dogs. Cake was carrot.

And I need to nip back there sometime and finish planting another 25 or so trees, as I had miscounted stakes/guards/trees.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lindley Infants Owls rule!

Tilly looking a bit wet, and lots of Lindley Owls and mums and dads in the background.
We were joined today by Lindley Infants Owls, led by Mrs Shires. They bravely turned out on a not very nice Saturday morning, and helped us plant almost 500 trees. Again we were at Scammonden, planting, Oak, Ash, Hazel and some Rowan. We were also visited by Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney, who lent a hand, made a cash contribution, and gave us some suggestions of local Companies we could approach for more support. Tree Society folk attending were, Guy, Philip, Dave, Ben, Neil, Geoff, Andrew, Ann and Tilly. Tilly helped me hand out badges and leaflets to the children. Ann handed out home made oat biscuits to all. Considering the drizzly damp weather we had a good productive morning. I just hope everyone got home, got dry, and warmed up afterwards. I recovered by having three pints of Linfit Bitter in the Sair, so I wasn't very effective for the rest of the day, quite relaxed though.