Saturday, 28 March 2015

Woodland management at Throstle Green Farm

Alder logs, orangey when wet, white when dried. Go figure.
Clearly I get a bit slack about the blog towards the end of the Season. So here, belatedly is an account of last Saturday.

We went to Throstle Green Farm at the request of the owners, to manage some planting done there around 15 years ago. We cleared Willow and Blackthorn regrowth, while Philip and Stephen felled Alder and Willow with their chainsaws.

We were: Philip, Stephen, Mandy, Guy, myself, Dave, Tanya, Geoff, Duncan and Harvey the Dog, Neil, Sarah, Trevor, Dianne, Jess, and Hap.

Cake was homemade scones with butter and jam.

And it flippin' well lashed it down nearly all morning. So we got quite wet. Still, was last day, and all my kit got its annual wash afterwards.

Philip and myself will now take a short break from organising these shenanigans. Doesn't mean folk can't still go out and about on Saturdays.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Green Building Store tree planting at Scammonden

11am official flapjack and shortbread break

This week we were joined by the good folks of the Green Building Store, who sponsored this planting session at Scammonden Reservoir.

We were adding to some woodland that the Society planted over 15 years ago, enhancing the new reservoir path that Yorkshire Water have spent much time and money creating.

We were: myself, Jess, Tanya, Vashti, Cath, Ben, John, Peter T., Stephen, Steve, Dave, and Philip. Plus all the Green Building Store folk.

We planted 270 Sessile Oak, and enjoyed homemade flapjack and shortbread.

This was the last day of actual planting of the season, and the sun shone and everyone had a good time!

Next week, woodland management begins.

Thanks to Jess for photos.

Me lurking on far left, while Tanya looks askance at Ben's Ian Brown impersonation.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Last stand at Wholestone Moor

Guy, myself, Dave, and Cath.

Back to Wholestone Moor for a last bash at planting here. I forgot to post this earlier, so I think we planted 100 Italian Alder and a similar number of Oak.

We were: myself, John, Philip, Geoff, Dave, Steve, Guy, Mandy, Cath... and then my memory gets fuzzy. Someone will correct me. I am sure...

Feast your eyes upon our works, ye mighty, and despair!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Three men and a baby scots pine

Philip, Dave and Hap apply remedial straightening
Back to Butterley for the last Saturday this season, and it was a lovely day, with good folk and good cake. We planted 200 assorted trees above the Clough, and 50 Oaks down on the fringe of the golf course.

We were; myself, Vashti, Hap, Philip, Dave, Stephen, Peter T., Cath, Geoff, Ben, Tanya, Guy, Isabel and Mandy. Brian, Trevor, Duncan and Harvey the dog were over the golf course side.

Cake was a very popular and successful pineapple upside down cake.

The only down of the day was that we lost a further 30 Oaks to critter attack. They were healed in on site, and something ate all the roots.

200 deer stakes, 90 deer guards, and 50 hare stakes and guards are stored for next season.

ps on 16th July we added another 100 hare guards to the stash, found them on another part of the hill while bracken bashing.