Thursday 11 July 2024

Root down




To Scammonden! To do some weeding of some White Rose Forest planted trees. 

We were: myself, Philip, Dave, Geoff, Hap, and Tanya.

Tunnocks tea cakes were our reward, courtesy of Tanya.

Blindin' tune for this event

Saturday 6 July 2024

Just 25 minutes of valve oscillators dancing with each other

Hap, Dave, Philip

Back to Eastergate to save more small trees from tall bracken. We were; myself, Philip, Dave, Geoff, Hap, Paul, Dan, and Tanya.

Hap brought a luxurious chocolate cake.

Lots of talk about the election, and our workload.

Thursday 4 July 2024


 An evening at Linthwaite, weeding a previously planted hedge.

Myself, Philip, Dave, Peter, Geoff.

More cows were encountered.

Election day, so a reminder that everyone is human!

Saturday 29 June 2024



After all our hard work

This week we were up beyond Eastergate Marsden, knocking back bracken around National Trust planted trees.

We were: myself, Philip, Geoff, Jim and Catherine, Peter, Michael T., and Paul

Geoff and Philip saw a dragonfly!