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Last winter we planted over 5000 trees!

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Have a cuppa tea

This week we were at Scammonden again, again, removing stakes and guards. We were: myself, Adrian, Tanya, Geoff, Dave, Steve, John, Jess, Lee and Hap. Cake was pineapple upside down, and weather was fine. Saw the tennant Mr Hibbert going back and forth with his tractor and trailer, and said hello. He was happy to see us maintaining the planting.

Geoff was at the centre of a drama. He hadn't washed his flask properly and his tea cup was musty (rooky error). He was put out of his misery by Jess, who had a spare cup.

And we saw a buzzard. And Geoff found a dunnock's nest.


Saturday, 7 September 2019

Skinny genes

Jess, and young person.

This week we were at Butterley. Duncan led work to improve the footpaths leading to the WW1 memorial planting that we did adjacent to Butterley dam. Present were: Duncan, Philip, Remy, Ben, Jess and John - plus some other folk that Duncan had recruited.


Saturday, 31 August 2019

In the Pines

Jess, Susan, me, and Dave.

This week we were at Scammonden for more guard retrieval - it is a massive site,with thousands of tree guards that need removing. We were: myself, Lee, Jess, Susan, Steve, Dave, Geoff and Hap.


Saturday, 17 August 2019

She don't use jelly

Jelly, slime, arboreal gel.

Back to Scammonden for more guard removal. Encountering again the phenomenon of some tree guards filled with slime. Lovely.

We were: Cath, Hap, Jess, Lee, Peter, Steve, Geoff, Dianne, Tanya, Ben and myself.

Cake was very lemony lemon drizzle. Weather was glorious.

40 deer guards left on site for re-use in the Winter. 2 large piles of trashed guards left near the top road. Significant number of packs of stakes ready for collection (well done Hap) - to be dried out back at the nursery. 2 million cable ties collected (approx.)