Saturday, 30 November 2019

Do it right

Group getting briefed before work

Very convivial morning planting 150 Oak, 15 Scots Pine and 30 Aspen between Blakeley and Wessenden Reservoirs. No dramas, we did it right.

We were: myself, Remy, Geoff, Tanya, Stephen, Dave, Tania and Jared, Jon and Tess, Dianne, Jess, Ben, Peter, Adrian, Sophie, Sylvie, and Elliot.

Cake was cherry rock buns.

Jess and Sophie respecting elder Geoff.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Bull in the heather

Katie, Ben and Philip in the heather
This week we were at Wholestone Moor, filling up a gap in some dead heather. We planted 105 Oak and 30 Scots Pine. We were: myself, Philip, Dave, Peter, Geoff, Hap, Adrian, Steve, Stephen, Tanya, Katie, Jane, Susan, Dianne and Ben. And Kirstie gets an honourable mention for trying to find us in the fog. It was misty, though didn't rain as much as we thought it might. Which was nice. Cake was home made hob nob biscuits.

Some quintessential 90's bubblegum pop skronking from Sonic Youth for this weeks tune.

hi-vis Scots Pine.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Judy and the dream of horses

Noble diggers all.

Today we were at Green Edge, above Golcar, working on another mixed hedgerow. We were: myself, Dave, Steve, Stephen, Becca, Adrian, Jess, Dianne, Sam and Lyra, Hap, Geoff, Philip, Peter, Remy, and Susan.

We planted 30 Elder, 30 Blackthorn, 30 Dog Rose and 60 Hazel. We will return after Christmas to pack the rest out with Hawthorn.

There were some cute horses in the next field. And Lyra found a horseshoe.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

I love the things that people make

Hundreds of Hawthorn still to go in.

First day of the planting season, and we made a bit of mixed hedgerow up above Slaithwaite. We were: myself, Dave, Geoff, Stephen, Lee, Jessica, John, Susan, Adrian, Remy,  and new people Kirstie, Jane, Sam, and Silvie plus one (sorry, plus one, but your name has gone from my elderly head). 

For the record we planted: 15 Holly, 15 Oak, 30 Blackthorn, 30 Dog Rose, 15 Elder and 60 Hazel. We will return to fill the many gaps with Hawthorn in January (still waiting for Hawthorn delivery).