Saturday, 2 April 2016

Knock on wood


Me, Dave, Adrian and Ben spent a few hours cutting and splitting logs today at the nursery. It was a fairly pleasant morning though the promised nicer weather did not appear, the chilly drizzle making up for that. Hopefully this batch of wood will now be seasoned in time for next winter. Lots more to do still! 

Hit, git and split.

John and I had an effective morning checking the Merrydale trees. The points of note were:- loads of hazel nuts, lots of germinating balsam especially in the areas were water was running, a couple of split trees and exceptionally muddy footway. There is a another two man morning to finish the guards, some formative pruning and I would coppice one in three of the hazels.

John gave blood for the cause as evidenced in the photos (editor's note: not sure an extreme close up of a bloody volunteer is the right image for the blog).