Sunday, 24 February 2019

Carry go bring come

Forgot to take a photo today as was sooo busy.

We were at Throstle Green, doing some woodland management. Thinning, pruning, coppicing, and carrying back some logs for woodfuel.

We were: John, Hap, Steve, Ben, Jess and Lizzie the dog, Tanya, Geoff, Philip and friend Jon, Dave and Susan.

Cake was ginger, plus Hap again excelled (though don't know the name of his cake).

Saturday, 16 February 2019

The leanover

Happy reclining volunteers

This week we were at Parkwood in Golcar, formatively pruning trees, and reclaiming stakes and guards. It was a lovely morning, blessed further by eccles cakes!

We were: myself, Guy, Adrian, Stephen, John, Harriet and Floyd the dog, Duncan and Harvey the dog, Jess, Lee, Steve, Philip, Susan, Sarah, Dave, Tanya, Dianne, Adam, Ben and Geoff.

We removed several hundred stakes and guards, and will be back for more.

This was followed by a very productive mid-season meeting. (cult 90's Scottish post punk spoken word)

Saturday, 9 February 2019


The trees behind were us too, but over 15 years ago.

Back up Mount Road, Marsden today. We planted 28 Scots Pine, 102 Oak, 43 Birch, 74 Rowan, 30 Willow and 15 Alder - 292 total. How's that for precise.

This leaves 2 Pine, 3 Oak, 2 Birch and 1 Rowan for me to plant on Monday.

We were: Adrian, Hap, Stephen, Philip, Dave, Ben, Jess, Tanya, Geoff, Simon, Jon, Peter, and myself.

Saturday, 2 February 2019


Geoff defrosting  trees - or a garden water feature with gnome?
In attendance: Adam, Adrian, Ben, David, Diane, Geoff, Harriet, John, Jon, Philip, Simon, Stephen, Steve, Tanya.

Adrian arrived with pastries to celebrate his 60th. As Simon was away, anarchy ruled with an early break to let the trees defrost. 

Photo of Geoff de-frosting trees in a small brook, taking care not to let all the soil wash downstream.
The shelter belt was finished by planting the Hazel and Wild Service Trees in the dryer areas. Guelder Rose were planted as a woodland edge back from the fence-line as requested. The few remaining trees were used to fill up two of the field corners planted the previous week.
Cake was curranty sponge.

I was away this Saturday, so music is Philip's choice...