Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winter woodland management

A cold and foggy December morning and myself, Dave, Philip and his chainsaw were doing woodland management at Throstle Green Farm. The landowner had asked that some of the Alder we planted 8 years ago be taken down, to preserve his view of the valley. We agreed, so long as we could take timber away as part of our nascent community wood fuel project. Funny thing to do with your Sunday morning, but it was actually really quite nice up there. Quiet (when the chainsaw wasn't going) and peaceful. Hard work mind.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Season's greetings from the CVTS

The fruit vodka gets passed round.

Our fifth week at Fieldhouse, and another 400 trees planted. Quite snowy and flippin' cold, but a healthy turnout nonetheless. Myself, mother, Philip, Geoff, Aaron, Cath, Neil, Ben, Heidi, Lisa, Lisa's Dad, Dave, and Duncan. And Guy dropped by for a chat. One more day at Fieldhouse and the planting should be finished. New Years's day anyone? Homemade chocolate biscuits at breaktime, and Dave brought fruit vodka. Followed by a pint in the Swan afterwards.

Happy holiday's everyone!

The motley crew: Geoff, Aaron, Cath, Heidi, Lisa, Philip, Me, Ben, Neil, Dave and Duncan

Saturday, 11 December 2010

540 more trees planted at Fieldhouse!!

Tilly experimented with the panorama setting on the cameraphone. In the photo, Dave, Heidi
Dan, Diane, 3 Scouts, me, and then me again. Freaky.

Crikey, at this rate we may even finish this site one day. Really nice morning. Sunny and quite mild. All the snow had gone. Good turnout, with me, my mum, Tilly, Heidi, Geoff, Philip, Dave, Dan, Guy, Diane, Trevor, Brian, Peter, Duncan and Scouts. Cake was a mincemeat fruitcake, a Delia recipe according to my mum.

Anyway, well done everybody!

Tilly, and lots of trees.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

450 trees planted!

Philip and Ali and weak winter sunshine.
Well considering the weather this week and the snow still on the ground we had an ok turnout and a good morning. We worked like crazy and got 450 trees in. Photographer from the Huddersfield Examiner was there to record our efforts. Duncan, Sophie and the Scouts focused again on Rhododendron control and brushwood clearance. Ali, Philip, Cath, Dave, Neil, Julia, Geoff, Guy, Isabel, and myself, planted trees. We had been expecting the local MP Jason McCartney to make an appearance, but he was stuck in London. Never mind, we had rum and sloe gin in our breaktime coffees to make up for that. For the record we planted 150 Hazel, 150 Oak, and 150 Ash today.

Sloe gin, flapjack and woolly hats.