Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wholestone Moor Week 3

Back to Wholestone Moor, to plant another 150 Sessile Oak and 100 Italian Alder to augment the trees that are already (slowly) growing up there. We managed this with relative ease, and had time to reclaim a bunch of 75cm guards and stakes for re-use, plus a shedload of cable ties. We were: Jess, Emma, John, Hap, myself, Philip, Geoff, Ben, Cath, Peter T., Peter W., Steve, Duncan, and Harvey the Dog. Cake was fruit sponge. Weather was passable, bit damp at first but dried up.

In the evening Geoff screened the tree people trailer at Marsden film club, before the main feature. We also took the tree Society banner along. We only sold one DVD, but all publicity is good publicity.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wessenden Valley Eco Walk

Today I attended a kind of outdoor conference, organised by Guy Thompson of White Rose Forest. Representatives of a range of interested parties (Natural England, RSPB, National Trust, Woodland Trust, Moors for the Future, and the CVTS) walked up the Wessenden Valley and discussed habitat restoration, habitat protection, and planting of clough woodland. It was a very positive and educational affair.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Wholestone Moor week 2

Geoff, glistening with melted snow.
Back to Wholestone Moor, for more "beating up", that is extra planting to supplement trees already there. We planted 250 Italian Alder and Sessile Oak. We were: myself, Hap, Philip, Geoff, Trevor, Peter W., Peter T. Stephen, Steve, Cath, Dave and John. Cake was chocolate brownies. Weather was extremely variable, sunshine and snow, though bitterly cold throughout.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

A man walked into a bar...

After (and Bob)

A misty morning at Slaithwaite Cricket Club, planting 250 Field Maple, Bird Cherry, Crab Apple, Hazel and Dogwood on the embankment behind the stand. This was done in collaboration with the landowner, following plans drawn up from when the housing development was done behind the ground. Not great ground, there being a lot of spoil from the housebuilding. And a bit of a perilous slope. But we finished on time, and then went to the Sair for our mid season meeting.

We were: Philip, Bob, Duncan and Harvey the dog, Ben, Stephen, Dave, Neil, myself, Peter W., Trevor, Dianne and Cath. Jess sent her apologies, as did Prince Edward (who Jess met this week at her gold DofE award presentation). Geoff also sent his apologies, he was going to see Stewart Lee in Manchester. ??? Is the surreal and mordant wit of the CVTS not enough for Geoff?

After the planting and mid season, while a few of us were trying to enjoy a drink in the Sair, we were harassed by some nutter at the bar. He appeared to have been drinking since breakfast (or maybe since 1970).He took exception to our tree planting activities, maintaining that the type of trees were planting did not sustain native insects or birds. Not that he knew what type of trees we plant. He didn't seem to want to stop ranting, calling us liars, or pointing at us. But we were leaving anyway.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wholestone Moor - week 1

We had a good day on Saturday, though didn't get all 250 trees planted. We planted 125 Oaks and 25 British Alder in Wholestone Moor phase 3 (the long strip parallel to the motorway). Beating-up seems to be more time consuming than straight planting. I always forget how noisy the M-way is when you are right next to it.

A combination of 2 trailer trips for Dave, one for Brian with stakes, and guards in various cars we got all the stakes and guards up there. People had there back seats down in readiness! Raymond couldn't get his tractor going initially, but came back at 10.30 in his tractor with trailer. We loaded up the trailer with 500 stakes and Guy's 500 standard plus guards, which is now parked at the top near to the planting area. Guy appeared and drew a map of where the trees are to be planted.

The 100 stakes and thin guards are on site in Wholestone Moor phase 2 ready for the 100 Alder which I took back to the nursery and heeled-in.

We were: Dave, Geoff, Jess, Diane (and Lizzy the noisy dog), Peter T, Peter W, Stephen, Hap, Duncan (and Harvey the quieter dog), Philip, Steve G. and Ben. Brian helped to trailer and then disappeared. Cake was ginger.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Linthwaite WW1 planting

Everyone eating cake (bar Philip who took the picture, and Harvey who wasn't allowed cake).

This was our fourth week of commemorative planting at Butterley dam. We planted 106 Oak, to represent the casualties from Linthwaite, together with a similar total of nurse species, Scots Pine, Rowan and Alder.

We were: Hap (who I missed off last weeks roll-call so apologies), Cath, Dianne, Jess, Steve, Stephen, Peter, Geoff, Dave, Philip, Duncan and Harvey the dog, Ben and myself.

Cake was the ever popular coconut crunch top.

There was a lengthy on site discussion about my persistent capitalisation of the varieties of trees that we plant.