Saturday, 30 July 2016

Clean up at home

This Saturday we stayed at home, at our nursery base. Lots of work was done clearing paths and cutting back overgrowth. Important work, in that our neighbours won't think the place is quite such an eyesore, and also because we will need the easy access and space to store trees and materials in the Autumn.

We were: myself, Dave, Geoff, Lesley, Robert, Adrian, and John.

Still more work to be done. More paths to be cleared, stakes to be stacked for drying, and fruit to be picked. Could probably do with some new tools too, a flat hoe for clearing paths, and some new shears.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Higher ground

That same Saturday another team weeded Delight Farm, which didn't take long and Scammonden, which took longer. The Scammonden weeding was the Green Building Store's plantings from the last 2 years. There was plenty of all the nasties: Brambles, Himalayan Balsam, Nettles, Bracken, Thistles, Rose-Bay Willow Herb and Grass.

They were (if remembered correctly): Dave, Geoff, Steve, John, Adrian, Robert, Lesley, Seth, Neil and Philip.

The team were, of course, careful not to weed anything that looked like it might be a significant wild flower.

Hound dog

Solo seeks attention, Neil just stares him down.
Today some of us were at Glen View planting some dogwood (Cornus Sanguinea to latinists). We were: myself, Ben and Solo the (hound) dog, Neil, Sarah and Tanya.

All plants were thoroughly mulch-matted. Cake was peanut cookies.

Going back

A trip down memory lane to Green Owlers.. This is what it looked like in March  2009.

And this is how it looks now in July 2016!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

As I walked out one morning

Another solo bracken bashing session, this time it was Stephen seeking some peace and tranquility on the hillside at Butterley.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Livin' la Vida loca

Vida obscured by young tree.
Fifth bracken bashing session of the season. Back at Butterley. Today we were: myself, Philip, Steve, Stephen, Geoff, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, Jess, Ben and Solo the dog, Neil with Seth and Jake, and Robert with Jack and Vida (hence this week's song title). We got a ton of work done, despite the passing heavy showers. And enjoyed ginger cake at break time.

All followed by a short but lively conversation about Brexit with Bobby back at the Sair!

Guy said he would be bashing later on in the afternoon. No photographic evidence though yet.