Saturday, 26 January 2019

Pocket knife

Jess politely offers the knife to Geoff.

Today we were at Hey, looking down on Slaithwaite. We were planting some shelter corners and shelter belt on farmland. There were furry cattle, pet sheep, a really big horse, and a dog that loved to walk on walls.

We were: Geoff, Jess, Dianne, Tanya, Cristina, Dave, Philip, Ben, Sue, Stephen, Steve, Jon, Peter and Hap.

240 plants went in. With potentially another 225 to go in? If there is space.

Nice PJ Harvey tune this week.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Something on the side

This week were on Marsden recreation trust land, creating a shelter belt, of sorts. In this case it won't be livestock that will be getting relief, but golfers?

We were: myself, Stephen, Adrian, John, Jon, Lee, Philip, Geoff, Peter, Dianne, Adam, Tanya, Dave, Steve and Hap.

We planted 285 trees, with a similar number still to do.

Cake was Nutella sponge.

Not an entirely appropriate song, but funny. Well it was either this or Toby Keith's "Shitty golfer".

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Click clack - I like trains

"Toot toot" went Granville the TransPennine engine.

Today there was cake, sweets, biscuits and we all waved at a train and it tooted at us.

No, it wasn't a trip out for the local infants school, we were planting trees at Standedge.

We were: myself, Philip, Steve, Stephen, Peter, Jon, Janette, Simon, Ben, Sue, Cristina, Dianne, Tanya, John, Hap, Adrian, Dave, Cath and Geoff.

We planted 105 Oak, 45 Aspen, 45 Rowan, 30 Guelder Rose, 30 Dogwood and 30 Crab apple.

Cake was Pineapple upside down cake, plus Hap had brought a selection of Indian sweets, which were hugely popular, and Dianne brought Jaffa cakes. I am not sure we earned all those calories.

Lots of train songs so two today, one from me and one from Steve, can you guess...

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Paisley Park

Larks in the park (not a park, or Paisley)

On a relatively warm day we finished off planting at Ainsley/Paisley Barn.
We inter-planted the Oak and Scots Pine we planted last week with Aspen, Hornbeam and Rowan and also used them to make a woodland edge to those Oak areas. A three-tree-deep hedge of Blackthorn, Guelder Rose and Holly ensured that the fantastic view of Marsden was maintained. Nearer the house a banking adjacent to the A62 was planted with Guelder Rose, Dogwood and few Holly.
We numbered 16 volunteers today. We were: Adrian, Dave, Steve, Geoff, John, Ben, Hap, Jess, Harriet, Stephen, Lee, Chris, Simon, Jonathan, Peter and Philip.
A total of 255 trees were planted.

Cake was chocolate-y.