Saturday, 25 March 2017

Last go round

Last day's planting of the season, and a day of some considerable significance for other reasons too.

We finished the planting at Parkwood, putting in 180 Hawthorn, 15 Dog Rose, and a load of Willow cuttings. Present were: myself, Philip, Steve, Stephen K., Peter W., Peter T., Ben and solo the dog, Jess, Dianne, Lesley, Robert, Tanya, Neil, Sarah, Geoff, Dave, Adrian and Hap.

At tea break we presented Peter W. with a "Sorry you're leaving" card. Sadly Peter is moving to Exmoor to be near to his daughter and granddaughter. We will miss him very much as he has been a pillar of the Society for many years, and is much respected and loved.

After this we moved across the valley to Meltham Cop, where we met Brian and his wife Margaret. In celebration of Brian's 50th year of planting with the tree society we planted a large (for us) Bird Cherry tree. It is on the hillside, and may even be visible from Brian's house one day.

Brian and Philip

Saturday, 18 March 2017

What's he building in there?

Emma from Green Building Store

This Saturday we were sponsored by and joined by the good folks of the Green Building Store, and together we planted another 395 Oaks on the side of Scammonden Reservoir. CVTS people were: myself, Hap, Philip, Dave, Geoff, Lesley, Robert, Cath, John, Peter W., Lee, and Stephen O.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Long time gone

This week we were back finishing Pike Law. Planting were: Adrian, Hap, Lesley, Robert, Cath, Jess, Steve, Sarah, Tanya, John, Philip, Stephen K., Peter W., Ben, and Solo the dog.

Meanwhile I was in another part of Golcar, planting a tree in memory of Dan Higgins who died in October last year. Dan was a member of the Society around 14 years ago but moved away from the area. His mother, Ann, got in touch to ask if we could plant a tree for him.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Chain Saw

Back here in Royd House wood, for the final time for the season. We were: Robert, Jack, Philip, Dave, Geoff, Cath, Adrian, Dianne, Lee, Ben, Stephen and Peter W.

Our drying sheds are now lovely and (very nearly) full.