Monday, 26 March 2012

Last day of the Season, Cubs, Clubs and Chainsaws

Cubs from Wakefield at Scammonden, twas a bit foggy.
So it was the last day of planting for this Season, and we were in three places. Myself, Ann, Cath and Geoff were at Scammonden with Cubs from Wakefield, planting 150 trees.

Philip and Ben at Slaithwaite Spa
 Philip, Dave, Duncan and Ben were at Slaithwaite Spa cutting down some trees, at the request of Friends of Slaithwaite Spa. And Andrew, Peter, Brian, Peter, Trevor and Dianne were at Marsden Golf Club, planting the last 60 trees there.

At 1pm we all met up at Hey Laithe to plant a tree in memory of Granville Shaw. We were joined by members of Granville's family.

We will now take a few weeks off from tree work, and will schedule some days for Summer maintenance work after Easter.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

1600 tree challenge at Scammonden

For our penultimate weekend of the season Guy organised a big push at Scammonden, and bought another 1600 trees. Quite a few of them were planted on Friday by Guy's corporate outreach volunteers. We came along on Saturday and helped finish the rest. We were: myself, Philip, Simon, Dave, Peter, Stephen, Andrew, Geoff, Cath, Ramsay, and Duncan. Ben was around, and had stayed in the Scout centre overnight, along with Guy and some other irregulars. The Senior Section of Brian, Peter, Trevor and Dianne were also on site. Quite a few people, and a lot got planted.

Of course, there were rumours of mysterious drink related incidents on Friday night. Some Society members were uncharacteristically quiet on Saturday morning, and one was even sporting an oddly positioned elastoplast. I hope that there were not similar ribald and deblitating shenanigans Saturday evening. Or at least, that there were no further injuries.

Footnote to myself. There are 150 trees on site, plus 140 stakes and 130 guards, for planting with Wakefield Cubs next Saturday.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunny Sunday afternoon

Went up to Butterley Reservoir to finish planting a last few trees leftover from a session in the snow a while ago, and put spiral guards on the last of the trees at Tracey Wood's above Marsden.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wilberlee, Meltham, Mardsen, and remembering Wilf Proctor

A packed programme, as Ronnie Barker used to say, three different planting sessions and a memorial planting.

Damian and Ben in foreground, Wilberlee School, Merrydale in background.

Myself, Cath, Geoff, Damian, Rowan, Ben, Neil and Duncan went to Wilberlee Junior School to help them put in 600 hedging plants around their Field of Dreams. Lots of teachers, parents and children also turned out.

Philip and Stephen went to Meltham with Brian, Peter, Trevor and Dianne, to finish off the 60 trees left at High Brow farm.

Stephen digging

Then Philip and Stephen went to the field opposite the old Rawson Centre on the A62 above Marsden, and put in 45 Hawthorn and 15 Blackthorn.

Friends and family pay tribute to Wilf Proctor, Philip holding the award.
Last, but by no means least, we all congregated to plant a memorial tree for Wilf Proctor. His widow and relatives attended. Mrs Proctor was presented with the Jeff Hutchinson award. Brian's wife Margaret provided tea coffee and flapjack.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lions versus Owls

Parents and children from Lindley Infant School

Two separate planting sessions today, with Lindley Owls (Observing Wildlife with Lindley School) at Parkwood Golcar, and Colne Valley Lions at Scammonden.

At Parkwood Golcar Mrs Shires brought out the massed parents and children of Lindley School. We planted over 300 Woodland Trust donated trees, Rowan, Hazel, Birch, and Oak. Rain held off, and everyone had a nice time. CVTS people were myself, Ann, Damian, Rowan, Geoff and Neil. We had homemade biscuits, and all the children got a certificate of achievement.

CVTS folks on a break at Scammonden

At Scammonden members of the Colne Valley Lions planted 200 trees, Oak, Rowan, and I think Bird Cherry. CVTS folks helping the Lions were Cath, Philip, Peter, Ben, Dave, Brian, Peter, Trevor, Ramsay and Dianne. They didn't get to have homemade cake, so brought a cornucopia of shop bought substitutes. See below, greedy gets. But it gave them energy to go fetch more logs for the woodshed afterwards.

Lots of great photos to choose from, so one big one from each session , plus some smaller ones.

Assorted snacks at Scammonden

A small person planting at Parkwood