Saturday, 29 February 2020

Band à parte

Left leaning photographers, Tanya and Geoff

Circumstances saw us flung to far corners of the valley this week.

Myself, Tanya, Geoff, Alison, Paul, Jess and Dianne went to Scammonden and scavenged 80 stakes and 50 guards, plus did some tidying up as preparation for planting 500 oaks with the Green Building Store people in a couple of weeks.

Dave, Richard, Bob, Steve, Simon, Elliot, Hannah, Polly, Alastair and Jared went to Green Edge and planted 245 Hawthorn. Then they went to Parkwood, planted 2 memorial yew and straightened a load of storm tossed tree guards. It looked very muddy.

Philip, Susan, Stephen and Adrian were at Marsden Golf course, thinning trees and preparing for interplanting with some new oaks.

Cake was carrot.

Not so much a song, as a musical clip this week.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Black and white world

This morning Dave, Hap, John and I were at the far end of Marsden Golf course, consolidating some brash piles, and clearing the way for the chainsaw operators to come in and take out some of the larch, which were used as a nurse species in this (previously) exposed spot.

Finally some nice Winter weather, snow and sun, instead of rain and wind.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020


"The Tree Planter"

To quote Regina Spektor "They made a statue of us".

This charming little fella has appeared at Scammonden Reservoir, and according to Yorkshire Water he is there in recognition of Colne Valley Tree Society's work on site (though they also mention some other people might have planted some trees there as well).

And fittingly, its a damn fine tune too.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Wind up

Me, Peter, Steve, and Philip wondering where the time goes.

A morning divided.

Dave, Jess, Dianne, Adrian, Stephen, Elliot, Ben, Jared and Alastair. This lot planted 345 Hawthorn at Waller Clough, then went and did half next weeks work planting another 150 at Green Edge.

While myself, Philip, Steve, Geoff, Bob, Tanya and Peter wallowed around in the mud and wind at Pike Law. Under much heavier going we planted 255 Hawthorn.

Cake was lemon.

A fittingly demented song to represent the wind this morning, and the title works on a couple of levels.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

(For those about to rock) we salute you

Well hats off to Dave, Stephen and Cath, who went out in the pelting Marsden rain. And tidied and logged like troopers.

Saturday, 15 February 2020


Dianne braves the wind and rain. Tanya's Fuji X20 is a classic camera.
Poor weather, but a cast of stalwarts and old favourites were present: myself, Philip, Dave, Geoff, Tanya, Cath, Dianne, Ben, Stephen, Steve, Adrian, Hap, Richard, Bob, Alastair, Jared, and Peter.

175 Hawthorn were planted plus willow whips.

Bob, pursued by some wet zombies.

Saturday, 8 February 2020


Philip casts a shadow

I was away at a training event with Treesponsibility in Hebden, so the following was provided by Philip.

We filled in the gaps from last week with Hawthorn. That side of the field is now complete. The other side of the field was a lot wetter so gaps were left where it was sodden. The same planting mix of Hawthorn with other shrubby species was used. At the bottom of the field adjacent to the existing woodland we planted 30 Beech and 15 Spindle. Brambles sprouting from the wall and encroaching into the field were grubbed out so the hedge could follow the line of the wall.

Total number for the day consisted of 300 Hawthorn, 15 Blackthorn, 15 dog Rose, 15 Elder, 30 Hazel plus the Beech and Spindle. Total 420 plants.

We were: Richard, Dianne, Jess, Stephen, Bob, Geoff, Adrian, Dave, Jared and Alastair, Sophie, Jon and Tess, John F, Cath, Elliot, Steve, Philip.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

David Wainwright's feet

Peter's trench foot is assessed by Jess.

Another mixed hedgerow, this time at Hey above Slaithwaite.

We were: myself, Tanya, Philip, Dave, Hap, Stephen, Ian, Jon, Bob, Peter, Jess, Adrian, Ben, and Simon.

Mud was very sticky. Some bits of the field were very wet. Nevertheless we planted 15 spindle, 15 field maple, 30 hornbeam, 15 holly, 60 Elder, 45 dog rose, 30 Blackthorn, 120 hazel, and 255 hawthorn.

Song is apropos of nothing other than a conversation me, Philip and Geoff had.