Saturday, 29 March 2008

Only fit for ducks. Back to Scammonden, and a visit to Mecca.


Another morning of work to finish at Scammonden. Once again we were led by Brian in a session planting in and around some underused farmland. Brother was it wet. The pet ducks illustrate this. We planted alder and willow in the dampest corners, and some pine and hawthorn where it was relatively dry. Once again whiskey was brought. And the cake was as substantial luxury mincemeat slice. After planting we were taken to Brian's favorite drinking hole, colloquially known as Mecca. Pints and pork pies were got in. Very good. But the scantily clad ladies calendar was a bit non-PC.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Last day at High Wood

Just a morning tidying up the High Wood site, planting a few last trees and making sure all the trees had stakes and guards. A bit of late snow made it picaresque. First pic is of Heidi, and last pic of this site is of the lovely view that morning.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Lindley School Owls at High Wood

On this Sunday morning we had our annual tree planting session for the "Owls" of Lindley Infants School. Myself, Philip, Tilly and my mum Ann were joined by around 30 parents and children of Lindley School, who come out with us for one Sunday each season. We were planting at High Wood again, above Slaithwaite.

We had done some of the heavy digging in advance, because experience has taught us that those little folk and their parents can plant very fast! And every year we underestimate how much work they can do! We planted a total of around 300 trees, birch, oak and hawthorn. Everyone had a great time, and the rain held off. Tilly took all the
photographs, and she distributed home made biscuits, and gave out society leaflets. A good morning.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

More thinning out at Royd House Wood

Once again we were t Royd House Wood thinning out some established trees. Phillip and Dave were at work with their chainsaws (photo of a spot of maintenance). The rest of us with pruning saws and loppers. This mornings cake was a universally acclaimed coconut crunchy top thing. And some of us went to the Sair afterwards for refreshment. Last photo is of our tree of kit.

The most significant even this morning was our receipt of a very significant donation of money from an old friend of the Society. "H" visited us on site, and presented Phillip with a cheque . We are all hugely impressed and grateful.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Bolster Moor and Scammonden

Another two-fer morning, led by Brian. The first site was at Bolster moor, and involved planting 200 hawthorn for a hedge for a local landowner. Most of our planting does involve creating more wild wood environments, but hedges and shelter belts also contribute to biodiversity. The work also fosters good relations with local landowners, who pay for the trees but get our (not inconsiderable) labours for nothing.

The second site was a farm below the Lower Royal George pub. We began planting a number of small plots within the farm's fields, creating small wooded areas. The weather was pretty poor, windy and occassionally rainy. But we did have a short Jameson's whiskey break, and cake, to fortify us. As you can see we needed fortifying, it was cold and windy up there, and wet underfoot too. The first picture is of John and Peter, the second features Rob, Geoff and Trevor leaning into the wind.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Return to High Wood

Back to High Wood again this morning. It is a large site that will occupy us for some time, including some of next season. This morning we were planting more Hawthorn and Oak on the Westerly side of the site, and preparing ground for a group from Lindley school to do some planting in a couple of weeks time. And I occupied myself rolling up some old barbed wire that might be a bit hazardous with small children around. We were delighted to see Bob this morning, who hasn't been out with us for a while.