Monday, 21 December 2009

Rotcher Wood community orchard

Duncan, Philip and Cath digging away.

The site we were going to go to was inaccessible this morning, and the little trees would be frozen together solidly anyway. So, instead Duncan took us to the Rotcher Wood community orchard, where we dug out some Oak trees that will be in the way of the fruit tree planting there. Very cold, until you got digging, but then I soon managed to get down to a t-shirt. We took away about 30 small trees and placed them in a trench in Duncan's back garden, so that we can replant them elsewhere on another day.Duncan saves a tree.

Bare rooted trees "healed-in" to the trench in Duncan's garden.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Winter Hill, Hemplow and Wholestone moor

Brian graciously accepting tea from the landowner.

Bit of a three-for-one deal this morning, with people headed off in all directions. Dave and Neil transported materials off to our next big site. Guy, Duncan and Heidi went back to Hemplow/Butterley. Myself, Philip, Geoff, Brian, Peter and Trevor went to Winter Hill and planted 90 trees in a small field there. Owner was very nice and brought us tea on a tray. Our cake was jam buns, as pictured. V.good. An excellent morning, the weather was passable, and later worked itself up into a lovely sunny winter's day. And the Sair has started serving its own beer again! Turned out nice again.

Trevor striding purposefully past his work.

Oh, and Neil pointed out that the blog had had some unsavory content added via the comment section. Don't panic, I have blocked the offending material. It actually was pretty mild pictures of a scantily clad young Chinese woman, and all the text appeared to be in Chinese too. We must have followers in that part of the world.
Heidi, Guy, Neil and Dave at Butterley

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hemplow Wood week 3

Cath, Me (Simon) and fruit cake.The pool behind me is known as the swimming pool, though I wouldn't want to.

Here we are again at Hemplow Wood, nearly done, just some tidying up to do next week. 250 trees added to this bit of Butterley Clough, and 150 Holly and Hawthorn to go further round overlooking the reservoir. Nice classic (appropriate use of the word) fruit cake this morning.

Trevor, Cath, Neil (waving) and Dan.