Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hubris at Huck Hill

Dave, in the mist.

Well, I shouldn't have been so delighted with last week. This week was a bit more grim. Same site, entirely different weather, foggy, with snow and sleet. Plus we were in a different part of the site, which had tough grass alternated with boggy bits. Hard going. Geoff was doing more filming, we are getting used to his prescence. Our happy band consisted of Trevor, Peter, Brian, Neil, Geoff, Dave, myself, and Iain the landowner. One more week on this site should do it, it jolly well better, we still have a ton of trees to do elsewhere. It was nice warming up in the pub afterwards. Sorry, nearly forgot Duncan, who struggled manfully up the hill, but then got poorly with his asthma and had to go home.
Geoff, the docu-mentalist.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Glory, glory, glory!

Geoff and Philip on the horizon.

It is one of the unwritten rules of this lark, that the most glorious morning of the season will be the one when hardly anyone turns up. Your loss, people. It was stunning up there this morning. True, it was cold, and there was a little snow on the ground, but the sky was deep blue and the sun shone. We were high up above the Tunnel End and Canal centre at Marsden. We planted there two seasons ago, and we have a new moorland fringe field to plant up with 600 trees this season. Iain the landowner joined myself, Philip, Dave, Geoff and Diane. We had a lovely time and ate very substantial apple flapjack. Geoff made a start on his documentary about us.

Honestly, there is nothing like a bit of hard work, on a cold sunny morning, up high on a snowy hill.

Looking back down towards where we had to climb up

A cunning plan.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

High Ridge, Meltham

A pleasant morning planting 185 trees in a field overlooking Meltham. We were mob-handed, with help from Richard and Roger, as well as Angie and friends from the Slubbing Billies. The usual suspects were also at work, Philip, Dave, Dan, Brian, Trevor, Peter, Geoff and myself. Fine weather and the job got done in quick time. Then on to the Mid season meeting at the Sair (pub).

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Guerrillas in the mist - Wholestone Moor

Trevor, Philip, Diane and Brian

Another week at Wholestone Moor, and another variety of weather. This time thick fog. Got plenty done, in a nice convivial atmosphere. We have planted around 700 trees here so far, and will now wait until the fencing contractor has been and done his work, then we will return and plant alongside the new fence. This weeks cake was a rather crumbly but delicious apple cake. Someone (ungrateful cur) only rated it 7/10, so it'll be plain cream crackers for them in future. We did do a little bit of cheeky guerrilla planting today, slightly over the boundary of where we should have been. Wild and crazy us.