Thursday, 10 July 2008

Summer work

I havne't posted recently because our planting season is Autumn through to Easter. In the summer months we meet occasionally to visit new sites, or do a spot of maintenance on existing ones. We look forward to the occasional balmy summer evening of a bit of light work and then a pint. More usually it pours with rain and then we go home to get dry and warm. Summer?! Anyway, this evening Philip and I visited White Hull Farm to inspect some trees planted at the beginning of last season, and spoke to a couple of householders nearby who are thinking of getting us to plant on their land. The first photograph is of a small Rowan tree, struggling bravely against the tall grass.

The second photo is of Philip pointing over towards Green Owlers, a site planted about 8 years ago. Not many of the trees on that site have thrived, a result of some grazing by sheep, and maybe not good soil. As you can probably guess from the glowering clouds overhead, it tipped it down shortly after this.