Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Jolly morning

Myself, cake, Ben.
This morning we were in Jolly's field in Marsden. The forecast was for not so jolly weather, but the worst held off until the end. We were: our host Jolly and his friend Max, myself, Geoff, Ben, Ben the younger, Hap, Stephen, Steve, Tanya, Cath, and Jess. We planted 285 trees in all, we do owe the field some Whitebeam though, so will pop back when they are in stock. Cake was brought to the site by Ann, who was very popular.

There was a second section at work at Copley Bank. Brian, Dianne and Chris took another 75 Hawthorn. And Brian also took his 60 Scots Pine for James Howards farm.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Scout Top II - the return

New trees to left of wall, older trees to the right.
This morning we were back at Scout Top, above the Tunnel End, Marsden. We were: myself, Philip, Geoff, Guy, Mandy, Cath, Amanda, Stephen, Steve, Ben, Jess, Dan, Hap, Peter, Ramsay and Vashti. We planted 150 Scots Pine and 30 Holly. Cake was very sweet, but necessary in the wind, sun and snow.

Add to those 16, Brian, Dianne and Chris who went to Copley bank to plant more there.

So a bumper day.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Scout top, our vertical limit

Philip in his Love Trees hat.
This morning we were at Scout Top, high above the Tunnel End Marsden. We first planted at this site in 2006/7, and growth has been slow and patchy. This Winter we are trying to remedy that. Today we planted 30 Hazel, 30 Hornbeam, 30 Bird Cherry, 45 Common Oak, and 45 Sessile Oak. First we had to get all the stuff up there, and even with help from a nice man with quad bike and trailer, it was still a heart-bursting carry up a near vertical hillside. Nice once were there though. We comprised: myself, Ramsay, Ros, Geoff, Steve, Stephen, Peter W., Philip, Cath, Dave, and Hap. The weather threatened, but in the end we stayed mostly dry.

Geoff took some good pictures with his new camera.

We left 29 deer guards and 32 stakes on site. Jess met us in the pub afterwards, and we discussed her holiday to Cape Verde, and Geoff's career as an indie popster.


Saturday, 7 November 2015

First day of the Season

Dianne trials new rainwear.
Today was the first day of the planting Season, and despite the damp weather we managed to plant 300 Hawthorn at Copley Bank. We were: myself, Roz, Stephen O., Steve, Peter T., Dianne and Lizzie the dog, Ben G., Ben D., Hap, Guy, Geoff, Philip, Cath and Dave. Cake was the ever popular crunchy topped coconut one.

Copley bank is due to get another 150 Hawthorn, 30 Hazel, 30 Rowan, 15 Common Oak and 25 Whitebeam.

Peter T. looks damp but cheerful.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

All the way from Scotland...

More tubes than we would know what to do with.
Today we received our second delivery of the week. Tuesday 4110 trees arrived, Peter and I dealt with that. Today was a the much larger affair of the corresponding stakes and guards. The truck arrived at 12, and myself, Tanya, Philip, John, Stephen and Dave begun unloading the tubes, while the truck driver Scott used his forklift to take the stakes down the road and into the nursery.

After a while Philip had pause to think, wasn't there a bit too much stuff? Our spec. and the delivery note were compared. And yes, there was a bit too much stuff. 3600 too many stakes and guards! So just about twice what there should have been. A lot of checking, counting, and phone calling then went on. And we put 3600 stakes and guards back on the truck to go back to Scotland. Quite a lot of hard work for us, and for Scott the driver who had set off from Edinburgh at 5am.

But it was all right in the end.

Now we are properly ready for the season.

Counting, and calling.