Saturday, 28 June 2014

Our rapid-response Ragwort team respond!

"Where be that Ragwort?"
Philip went to Fieldhouse to remove Ragwort plants. We planted Fieldhouse some years ago, and have diligently removed Ragwort - which is a horse-unfriendly yellow weed - for the last two years. A huge number of plants were removed last year, and very few remained to be removed this year. Harvey the dog was also there it would seem, alone?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

A motley crew bash the bracken

Jess, Ben, Geoff, Hap, Simon, and Dave.
A rather warm Saturday morning, out on a hillside overlooking Meltham Mills. We were knocking back the Bracken which grows up and stops the sunlight reaching our precious little Oaks. A job well worth doing, but very sweaty, and quite a lot of flies/midges (hence the headwear). We were myself, Geoff, Dave, Ben, Jess, Hap and Philip. Duncan and Harvey the dog did try to find us, but failed. Cake was crunchy topped coconut cake.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Wholestone moor: guarding in the mist

The weather was promised as awful, but considering we were in thick mist or cloud, and experienced fairly heavy rain at noon, we had a good time. We were myself, Dianne, Jess, Cath, Duncan and Harvey the Dog, Ben, Geoff and Philip. We were putting deer guards onto Oaks that had failed to thrive from planting several years ago. A worthy cause. We were also removing guards from trees that had thrived. Home made oat and chocolate biscuits were the snack, plus some slightly out of date Minstrels!
Small Oak, new big tube.

Some Oak leaves looked suspiciously nibbled, but this likely looking culprit may not have been to blame, despite being called the Oak Eggar caterpillar/moth. Apparently it eats Heather and Bilberry.