If you have land in the Colne Valley and want some trees, talk to us.

Last winter we planted over 5000 trees!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

540 more trees planted at Fieldhouse!!

Tilly experimented with the panorama setting on the cameraphone. In the photo, Dave, Heidi
Dan, Diane, 3 Scouts, me, and then me again. Freaky.

Crikey, at this rate we may even finish this site one day. Really nice morning. Sunny and quite mild. All the snow had gone. Good turnout, with me, my mum, Tilly, Heidi, Geoff, Philip, Dave, Dan, Guy, Diane, Trevor, Brian, Peter, Duncan and Scouts. Cake was a mincemeat fruitcake, a Delia recipe according to my mum.

Anyway, well done everybody!

Tilly, and lots of trees.

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