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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Scammonden - a day of three teams

Very nice photo of Julia and Neil, courtesy of Geoff

Today we were at Scammonden again. We ended up working as three teams. There was the Senior section, comprising myself, Brian, Peter, Trevor and Diane - we planted Crab Apple and Hawthorn below the path. Duncan and the Outlane Scouts, who planted Crab Apple above the path. And the Young 'uns, Geoff, Andrew, Stephen, Cath, Ben, Julia and Neil, who planted Ash and Lime on the hillside. In all I think we planted 95 Hawthorn, 30 Crab Apple, 90 Lime and 65 Ash. A grand total of 280, which was pretty good going considering we were missing Philip (self-inflicted ailment), Guy (feeling non-specifically wan) and Dave, who worked at the Nursery.

The Senior section at work, Duncan and Outlane Scouts further up the hill.

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