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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Coconut cake at Scammonden

Stephen, Neil, Cath, and Me - and Duncan's leg.

Very windy but dry morning at Scammonden. To my reckoning we planted 40 Birch, 150 Oak, 15 Rowan, 30 Holly and 60 Bird Cherry, so getting on for 300 total. We left 60 Bird Cherry and 30 Birch healed in for another day. We also have 130 stakes and 360 guards on site. And we have 60 Oak, 60 Ash and 60 Lime in storage ready for Colne Valley Lions on Saturday 3rd March.

We were: Dave, Neil, Philip, myself, Cath, Geoff, Stephen, Ben, Andrew, Duncan, Trevor, Peter and Brian.

Cake was the every popular Crunchy topped coconut and cherry cake. Photo's by Geoff, who's camera phone seems to be better than mine.

Back to the Sair afterwards, where we were almost put off our beer by an incontinent dog.

Dave, in his famous hat.

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