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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Chipping Saturday

Duncan demonstrates how not to stick ones arm down inside the chipper.
We were Dave, myself, Ben, Duncan and Dan. We spent this sunny morning at the Nursery trimming hedges and trees and feeding the results in to a hired wood chipper. We did this till about 12 when Duncan and Dan went away. Myself Dave and Ben then went and had a shandy (truly, and only one) in the Sair. We went back to the Nursery to do more chipping, but found that the chipper was no longer chipper. The metal bracket holding the belt tensioner had sheared off, metal fatigue. This mean the chipper no longer had the power it had had. So we called it a day. The Nursery did look tidier for our efforts. Due to the failure of the chipper we did not get to attack the brash pile at the bottom of the Nursery.

Dave collects more scratches on his arms gathering Hawthorn.