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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Another tale of two woods

Jess at Pasture Wood
Today we were again at Pasture Wood, Marsden, and Parkwood, Golcar. Similar crews to last week. Myself, Philip, Dave, Chris, Geoff, Ben, Cath, Remy, Jess, Stephen and Peter at Pasture Wood, where we planted another 200 Scots Pine. And Brian, Trevor, Peter and Dianne at Parkwood, where with the help of the landowner and friends they planted 90 Willow and 90 Alder. Cake was the ever popular coconut and cherry "failure cake" (as my mother calls it). A good morning, that again saw the sun come out later on, despite the dire weather warnings. Julia joined us in the Sair, having worked at the Nursery all morning. Both pictures courtesy of Geoff.

The assembled throng in the Sair afterwards