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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Scammonden scroungers

Steve, Remy and Geoff, with the fruits of our labours.
This morning we were at Scammonden again, retreiving stakes and guards, and weeding where necessary. We were: myself, Remy, Geoff, and first-timer Steve.It was a bit damp and drizzly at first, but cleared up by the end. We salvaged 67 Hare stakes and guards, and 33 Deer stakes and guards . All of which we left piled up behind the wall below Baker's Acre planting.

Dave and Guy also served, working at the nursery cutting up logs and trimming hedges.

Comments on the general state at Scammonden, lots of good growth across the site, with relatively few failures. Sitka Spruce (?) along the top of the site are not doing too well. They are small, tiny in fact,, and getting swamped by grass in the tubes, but not all dying. The relatively large proportion of salvaged Hare guards represents the higher failure rate of Scots Pine and Sitka Spruce.