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Last winter we planted over 5000 trees!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Beating up Marsden Golf Course

Not an act of violence, "beating up" in our language means adding extra trees to an already planted site. This hillside overlooking the golf course was planted by us 8 or 9 years ago, and some of the trees have either been swamped by grass, or eaten by invading sheep. The man from the Forestry Commission inspected the site back in the Summer and said it needed improving. So today we planted another 250 trees, Sessile Oak and Italian Alder, in deer tubes. We were: myself, Geoff, Philip, Steve, Stephen, Andrew, Peter T, Remy, Duncan (and Harvey the dog), Ben, Cath, Vashti and Hap. Cake was a classic fruit cake, and the sun shone all morning. T-shirt weather, well, t-shirt and gloves. Group photo by Geoff.

The new tubes standing out against the old. Photo by Duncan