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Last winter we planted over 5000 trees!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sunshine and heavy rain - first day of the season!

Beginning planting, old Tree Society planting of Hemplow Wood in distance, looking nice and Autumnal.
A fairly representative kick-off to the season. We were at Butterley Reservoir, and we comprised: myself, Dave, Remy, Hap, Stephen, Steve, Helen, Cath, Vashti, Geoff, Andrew, Duncan (and Harvey the dog), Ben and Jess. We planted 250 trees, a mix of Oak, Rowan, Birch, Wild Cherry and Field Maple. Perhaps not ideal varieties for that site, but those were the trees the Woodland Trust gave us. Cake was a lovely moist chocolate cake. And we left 20 trees and around 100 deer stakes and guards on site. Plus two mattocks hidden in the bracken. First half of the morning was brisk but sunny for the most part. Second half cold and very rainy. Ben and Jess were both without waterproofs (rookie error) and later on were steaming in front of the fire in the Pub. At least the cold and rain makes you appreciate the log fire in the pub, and later a good hot shower.

While we were doing all this, Philip Guy were at the Nursery selling our logs. And Dianne, Peter, Trevor and Brian were at Meltham Cop removing old guards.

Photos by Geoff,  as I spent all the sunny hour dragging stakes and guards up the hill.

Dave went back a couple of days later and planted the 20 remaining trees, and counted 91 deer stakes and guards still on site.

Assembled throng break for chocolate cake.