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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Flipping windy

Hap self harms to ensure his photo gets in blog.
This week, myself, Philip, Hap, Geoff, Steve and Stephen went up to Wholestone Moor to sort previous planting out. There were guards that needed making upright, and guards that needed removing. It was insanely windy, so while sunny, was quite cold. Hapless Hap (first time he's heard that one I'm sure) managed to cut himself, but was restored by the first aid kit. Some of the guards that needed straightening were due to somewhat less than thorough original installation. See pics. Bang 'em in harder folks. Also, folks, I found a full pack of 10 stakes abandoned on the hillside, and Steve found a set of 5 guards. Tsk tsk.

Way too much stick showing above top tie.
One or two inches above top tie is enough.
Stephen looks askance.