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Thursday, 5 November 2015

All the way from Scotland...

More tubes than we would know what to do with.
Today we received our second delivery of the week. Tuesday 4110 trees arrived, Peter and I dealt with that. Today was a the much larger affair of the corresponding stakes and guards. The truck arrived at 12, and myself, Tanya, Philip, John, Stephen and Dave begun unloading the tubes, while the truck driver Scott used his forklift to take the stakes down the road and into the nursery.

After a while Philip had pause to think, wasn't there a bit too much stuff? Our spec. and the delivery note were compared. And yes, there was a bit too much stuff. 3600 too many stakes and guards! So just about twice what there should have been. A lot of checking, counting, and phone calling then went on. And we put 3600 stakes and guards back on the truck to go back to Scotland. Quite a lot of hard work for us, and for Scott the driver who had set off from Edinburgh at 5am.

But it was all right in the end.

Now we are properly ready for the season.

Counting, and calling.

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