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Last winter we planted over 5000 trees!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Every rose has it's thorn (except the Guelder Rose?)

Canes and spirals for the Guelder Rose.
Today were were back at Outlane, for the official last day of the planting season. We were; myself, Philip, Dave, Hap, Adrian, Jenny, Makun, Duncan and Harvey the dog, Cath, Peter W., Steve, Stephen, Jess, Lesley, Robert, and young Ben.

We planted 107 Guelder Rose, 120 Alder and 75 Goat Willow.

Cake was sticky ginger. V.good.

There are, in fact, a few trees left to plant this season. Stirley Farm donated quite a few trees to us last week, and so I will be planting 25 Whitebeam above Dirker in Marsden, Adrian will be planting 30 Hawthorn at Pole Moor, and Duncan will be planting 100 Wayfaring, Spindle and Dogwood at Goat Hill Farm. Duncan's planting will take place next Saturday, and he will need some help!

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