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Saturday, 18 November 2017

So macho!

Hap broke his mattock. Like it was a twig.
Back to the far end of Wessenden to attempt to finish there (didn't quite).

We were: myself, Hap, Philip, Adrian, Geoff, Jess, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, Stephen, Tanya, Steve and Dave.

We did take 30 Hazel, 90 Oak, 15 Willow, 15 Birch, 30 Rowan and 15 Birch Cherry. Unfortunately, due to rocky ground (and Hap's cavalier approach to tool care) we did bring back  11 Bird Cherry, 9 Willow, 20 Hazel and 26 Oak.


For the record, there are 350 deer guards, 400 deer stakes, 50 short guards and 50 short stakes stashed near the cliff.

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