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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Holme Bank Wood

For a bit of variety this week we were planting on the other side of Butterley reservoir, at Holme Bank Wood. The weather was appalling, cold and windy, with drifting rain and low cloud. The site was also challenging, being steep and very, very, rocky. We have planted here before, so had some idea what to expect, but it is still dispiriting to spend 10 minutes digging a hole and only have a pile or rocks to show for it. Birch thrive on this hillside, and are even self-seeding from established trees. Today we were planting some Hazel and Oak amongst those Birch, on the upper slopes of the wood. As I say, the weather was truly awful, but somehow it wasn't as bad a morning as it might of been, the good company helps. I'd estimate we planted 60 trees (but I'm prepared to alter that estimate if anyone thinks different). Thankyou to Geoff for promptly emailing me his mobile phone photos. My camera stayed at home today because of the weather. This week's home made cake was oaty biscuits. Oh, and I broke my flask, that 'll teach me to take a cheapo thermos along instead of my stainless steel one. As a memo to myself, we did leave approx 60 trees on site, including about 30 Hawthorn. Photos are of Philip, Dave, and Cath (with me in my yellow jacket just in shot).

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