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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Scotland Farm

Another week organised by Brian. This week were attempting to plant shelter belts across 5 fields on Scotland farm above Slaithwaite. We did our manful best, but I think we bit off more than we could chew. We had enough people for teams of 4/5 for three of the fields. In our field there were myself, Philip, Geoff and Duncan. We planted 136 trees in our first field, and then managed another 35 in the second. Our problem was that we were supposed to plant 300 trees in that first field, but there just wasn't enough room to plant them where the farmer wanted them. We were working in a narrow space between a dry stone wall and a barbed wire fence.  As I said, we did our best. I'm not sure how the other teams fared. Highlight of the morning though was being delivered bacon butties by quad bike. Very nice man that farmer. And we worked hard for him. But I do wonder what will happen to all the leftover trees, especially the bare-rooted stuff which will die pretty quick if not looked after right. Top photo shows the narrow gap we were working in. Bottom photo shows Duncan, Geoff and Philip enjoying coffee, scones, and the view.

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