Sunday, 1 March 2009

Well House Farm. Week 2. Sheep attack! And Arborial art.


Geoff was distraught when Philip told him about the Sheep attack.

They really are the bane of our lives, sheep. They had got onto this site after our first days planting, and nibbled a lot of the trees, some were completely eaten. We think that the Hawthorn (which was the bulk of the planting) will survive, and the field has now been made 100% secure. 

Despite this setback we carried on and planted another 300 trees.

We bulked out the Hawthorn hedge, it will be a thorny thicket worthy of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

On the other side of the field we planted Lime, Whitebeam, Rowan, Bird Cherry, and Wild Pear. The varieties have been carefully laid out, so that the sizes of tree should gradually rise, from the edge of the open meadow area, up to meet the existing tall trees on neighbouring land. We are arborial artists us.

Top photo is actually of Geoff eating carrot cake. There is also a before and after photo of Hawthorn, nibbled in ground, and unnibbled waiting to be planted.  Last photo is of  some of those present, left to right, James, Oliver, Geoff, Dave, Duncan and Cath.

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