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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Slaithwaite Spa

Before, annoying tree in way.
After, much nicer view of Spa Mill

We are still up to our ears in snow, so we opted for some maintenance work this morning. The Society planted trees at Slaithwaite Spa some years ago, and the friends of Slaithwaite Spa had asked us to come back and trim or remove some trees that had begun to obscure the view of the valley from the benches. Its Kirklees land, so the Environment unit had been advised. Philip had his trusty chainsaw (plus safety trousers, helmet, gloves and ear protectors), and he was joined by Duncan, Guy, Heidi, Dave and myself. We had a pretty good time, though it was damned hard work because the trees in question were planted on a very steep slope. Duncan has kindly provided some great photos. There is a before and after pic after Philip took down the main offender tree, a pic of Philip at work, and a pic of me pinned under a bit of tree that I had just dragged down the slope. Oh, and we went to the Commercial afterwards for a rest and a pint.

Foolish boy

Man at work

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