Saturday, 16 February 2008

High Wood week 2

Another fine morning, glorious in fact. Back again to the site above Slaithwaite, we are likely to be coming back here a fair bit, as it is a big site with several fields to be planted. This morning we were planting Hawthorn down one side of a field, plus some oak in the field itself. Also, willow sticks were planted. We cut some willow sticks while at the nursery first thing in the morning, then I managed to jam a load of them in my ancient Fiat panda. They were sticking out the front and out the back, they were quite long sticks. Anyway, made it to the site safely. Those sticks were then cut in half and we jammed all the sticks into the ground up and down the length of a small stream that runs through the fiend we were working in. The theory is that the willow sticks will sprout and grow roots in the wet ground, so fingers crossed. First picture up shows the hillside, wall where we planted the Hawthorn in the background, stream running down the centre, and those reddish sticks are our willow. Left to right, Philip, Geoff, and Heidi.

Second photo is of Society patriach, Brian, busy putting guards on the new trees.

This weeks cake was chocolate cake, made with the finest Green and Blacks organic chocolate.

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