Saturday, 17 January 2009

Meal Hill, Slaithwaite

Another single morning site on the edge of Slaithwaite. A site like this, an unused corner of farmland, is beneficial to plant in two ways; it contributes to the gradual linking up of all the small areas of woodland in the Colne Valley, and the farmer gets a source of woodfuel for the future. The site was on Meal Hill, opposite side of the road from some new build housing, so we were careful not to plant anything likely to tower over them or ruin their view. Nearest the houses we planted Holly, and Guelder Rose, which is basically a shrub. Ash and the Hazel were the next nearest, and these will be coppiced so that they never grow too tall, meaning firewood, and an uninterrupted view for nearby householders. Along an existing tree and fence line of silver birch we added some Lime. And in the far corner of the field we planted Oak. Roughly 280 trees altogether. This morning's cake was a fine Apple sponge. 

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