Saturday, 13 June 2009

Hemplow, Butterly and Rams Clough - a bit of everything

One of our valiant little trees struggling against the evil bracken at Hemplow Wood. Nice view of the reservoir though.

A typical summer mornings work. We took walk round Butterly reservoir, checking on the progress of some of last seasons planting, and trees from two or three years ago. We collected some old stakes and guards for recycling, we knocked back a bit of bracken to allow smaller trees to get some light, we cleared the footpath of fallen trees in the pine plantation, and we ended the morning by going up Rams Clough to persuade some sheep to leave one of our planting sites. A pleasant mornings work, good breeze so no midges. My feet were a bit sore from all the walking though. The damp weather has made it incredibly lush up there.

Guy and Philip do their best catalogue poses, modelling society t-shirts.

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