Saturday, 12 June 2010

Deer guards at Marsden Golf Club

Five members headed up to Marsden Golf Club to do a variety of jobs. Firstly we put on 50 deer guards in phase 4 of the plantiing at the golf course. The guards were put on the sessile oak in an area which has seen much unwanted sheep grazing action over the last few years. Duncan began taking off guards on some well established trees adjacent to the 'sheep super-highway' which were planted only marginally before the other trees. Later, after a break involving hastily bought digestive biscuits, a splinter group went to bracken-bash around Butterley reservoir. Finding that the trees were doing well, above the bracken, and didn't need bashing, Geoff continued his filming of all things 'Tree Society'. There was no need to take a photo of the biscuits (mostly broken) for the archive.

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