Saturday, 15 January 2011

Butterley Reservoir- more trees and a lot of gorse.

Cath, Ben and Heidi enjoy cake despite rain

2nd Week at Butterley Reservoir this year. Horrible, horrible weather, windy and rainy, our least favourite. Not cold though. We finished planting Emma and John's patch with 20 Holly. Planted 50 more trees in a clough for Blue Ginger. And then planted over 200 Gorse in several clumps. Planting the gorse meant clearing patches of Molinia grass and then putting the Gorse in at 1ft spacing. It did stop raining right at the end, which was nice. Cake was banana and walnut, and was universally acclaimed. And we all had a nice time, considering!

Cath, Philip, Geoff and Neil planting gorse above the reservoir.

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