Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pure pleasure planting

Duncan in the foreground, desolate moorland behind (needs more trees that).
It was agreed that this was the most pleasant morning's work in a while. We planted just over 200 trees in a small field just off the A62 way out west of Marsden. It didn't rain. And our convivial hosts provided us with tea and soup afterwards. Pure pleasure, and something of a relief after several rainy and stressful weeks. We were helped by a pair of Scouts, and Rose from Longwood Scouts - and I will stay in touch and hope to involve them in more work. Tree Society regulars were, myself, Ann, Philip, Neil, Julia, Ben, Andrew, Cath, Duncan and Dave. And we also had help from our hosts Tracy and family and dogs. Cake was carrot.

And I need to nip back there sometime and finish planting another 25 or so trees, as I had miscounted stakes/guards/trees.

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