Friday, 8 July 2011

Helme and Hey Laithe

Trees we planted 7 years ago at Hey Laithe.

Quite a good turnout for a Summer Saturday, Guy, Philip, Andrew, Stephen, Geoff and Dan. I was there too, but was on light duties due to hacking cough, and stayed at the nursery to potter about. The chaps went up to Helme, Meltham, for bracken bashing, and Guy did some White Rose Forest networking with the landowner. Then all back down to Hey Laithe to retrieve another 100 stakes for re-use, and collect old guards for disposal. Tidy types us. Cake was banana and walnut, with biscuits provided for the nut-allergic. Then back to the Sair for a pint, or four.

Geoff and Andrew wrestle with a rafia bag in the rain.

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